To Immunity and Beyond


It’s that time of year again – the dreaded cold and flu season. Every winter we are advised to take a multi-vitamin, get the flu-jab and stay away from infected friends and relatives. But did you know that many of the foods we cook with every day possess immune-boosting properties?


The starting point of many delicious meals, garlic is not only full of flavour but full of immune-boosting powers too. Garlic is a natural antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Research suggests an intake of 1-4 cloves of garlic per day to avail of its benefits.

Did you know?

During World War I, raw garlic juice was used as an antiseptic for bathing wounds.

Here at DropChef, we use garlic, A LOT. It’s always the basis of our warming curries and stews in the winter.


Fruit & Veg

You’re probably sick of me talking about the importance of fruit and veg in the diet but it’s the truth! A diet filled with lots of colourful fruit and veg is a diet inclusive of a variety of vitamins and minerals. In simple terms, eat the rainbow. Red, orange and yellow fruit and vegetables are good sources of vitamin A while green veggies, such as broccoli and kale contain a range of B vitamins. Strongly coloured vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that protect cells from damage caused by harmful modules in the atmosphere called free radicals.

At DropChef we’re always thinking about nutrition and health. That is why we like to include plenty of different vegetables in your dishes every week. We hope you enjoy!


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To help your gut stay at its best this winter, try to incorporate some probiotic yogurt into your diet. Probiotic bacteria help to ward of “bad bacteria” in your gut, lessening the risk of nasty stomach bugs and supporting normal digestion. Certain types of probiotic bacteria have even been shown to lessen the duration of chest infections.


Omega 3

Omega 3 fats work by increasing the activity of the blood cells that destroy bacteria and helping to strengthen the cell membrane, speeding up recovery and improving resistance to infection. Eating one portion of oily fish per week, such as salmon or mackerel, can help boost the immune system while supporting heart and joint health too.


Have you tried DropChef Teriyaki Salmon yet? It’s one of the tastiest ways to keep healthy this winter!

Remember, you are what you eat (to an extent) – Healthy diet. Healthy body. Making the right food choices can go a long way to improving our natural defence system which is involved in fighting off the winter colds and bugs.

Amy Meegan, BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, UCD

Facebook: The Baking Nutritionist

Instagram: thebakingnutritionist


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