Thank you for taking the time to care about this!

The greatest part of your environmental footprint in relation to the food you eat is down to what you choose to eat and if it is wasted. As a result packaging plays a really important role in keeping this fresh (and we play a big role in eliminating your waste by pre-measuring everything).

Now we have worked hard here to make sure the packaging choices are the most responsible & effective solution so please make sure you use, reuse, recycle and dispose of each as follows and in line with your local options.

Upcycled Denim Liner: Please return it if possible. These will be sanitised, re-lined and then given another use. This massively improves our footprint even further! It has been upcycled from offcuts from the garment industry. By giving this another life we have reduced the impact of your next pair of jeans!

If you aren’t able to return it: Repurpose the outer liner as a bin liner or place it in your recycling bin. The insulation inside goes into your black bin – all of this material was destined to go in this direction, by upcycling and giving it another life we’ve eliminated the need to have processed virgin material and have reduced the environmental impact of the garment industry.

Looking for ideas for even further upcycling? Double up the liner and insert it into a couch cushion that needs a little more life in it.


Silver foil: Please return it to us (if you live anywhere in Ireland). We will sanitise it and give it a second life if it is kept in good condition.

Ideas for reuse: Make a space suit costume for halloween, insulate your house and attic, we’ve delivered to customers who cover some of their flowers over winter with it.


Special Compostable DropChef bag: How cool are these! They even have a DropChef logo on them. Please put these in your compost bin, these are made for industrial composting where their big pile of goodness knows what reaches a warmer temperature than your measly pile of grass at the bottom of your garden.

Ideas for reuse: dog poo bags (genius, I know), treats, sandwich bag (when you get a big one).


Little portion pots: Wash out any trace of food and put in your recycle bin.

Ideas for reuse: Wash these out in your dishwasher and then keep a good few stacked for use later, if you are ever making up a flavored butter or a sauce they are great for storing, as they seal so well they are great for keeping all foods fresh.


Vacuum bag: Rinse out, pat dry with a towel and put in your recycling bin.

Ideas for reuse: Ehhh, nah just recycle it. If you care about the environment so much, eat less meat. Seriously the environmental impact this bag will have once recycled properly is nowhere near as much as the contents. Going meat free even just one day a week will lower your risk of heart disease and stroke and reduce your carbon footprint.


Clear plastic bag unmarked (including ziplock bags): We don’t use/try not to use these too often. They can be placed in your recycling bin.

The big brown box: Please return it to the driver if you live in Dublin (or recycle it if you are outside of the Pale). If you are really careful opening it and don’t make it look crap we can potentially give it a second life.

Ideas for reuse: If you have children, let their creativity go wild! Hours of entertainment, please share any funny pictures on instagram we get a laugh out of it. If you are fortunate enough to have a more peaceful house then why not use it to make sure all of the junk you never use in your attic or garage is neatly arranged and stackable. Clear out some of your wardrobe into the box and if you don’t miss those items donate them to your local charity store or clothes bank.

Brown paper bag: Straight into the recycling bin if you have no other use for it. Here it will likely be made into a new brown paper bag in future.

Ideas for reuse: lunch bag, compost bag in kitchen, cut out small holes and use it as a mask when robbing a bank.

Cans: Make sure you rinse & recycle these!

Anything else: If you are ever unsure if something is recyclable check here. If you are ever unsure if something is compostable check it out here.