DropChef is an Irish company that was founded by Ryan & Roman to help people just like you, to enjoy a healthier, happier life. We do this through food as it is one of the most impactful lifestyle choices that’s difficult to maintain consistently.

At DropChef, we believe that you should try to make the world a better place. We do our very best to make sure that the dishes and products we design and deliver to you are healthy by default, meaning that customers can spend less time considering the macronutrient density of every meal. Furthermore we are developing even more sustainable menu options so that the ingredients used have a lighter environmental footprint.

A note from the CEO

Roman and I founded DropChef in Dublin over 8 years ago. As two passionate Irish entrepreneurs who had a great sense of care and duty towards our customers, we grew our business with a lot of late nights & seven-day weeks, from a very ‘humble’ start. This has meant that we are extremely hands-on and close to our customers, suppliers and operations.

We care about the experience you will have and are continually reinvesting everything into improving the experience for you.

DropChef has grown to become Ireland’s leading meal delivery service. As of the time of writing this, we have the largest menu, more local ingredients, better quality ingredients, healthier options, more variety, more flexibility, and easier-to-contact customer support than anyone else on the market.

We are extremely product focused and will continue to ensure that we give everything to give you first-class service. If there is anything that we can do to improve please do get in touch, my team and I will review all feedback ([email protected]).

I am really looking forward to having you cook with us!

Eat Great Food,

Ryan Scott



Ryan Scott

About Ryan

Ryan Scott is the CEO of DropChef which he co-founded with Roman in 2014. Ryan’s passion for healthy food and DropChef was ignited following his exposure to social enterprises and sustainability whilst in university. His philosophy is that it should be his and the company’s responsibility to ensure that the food you eat is good for you and good for the planet. It should be on DropChef to ensure that our meals are nutrient-dense and balanced and that we are sourcing the best ingredients from trusted suppliers. As a recent graduate of Sustainable Business from Cambridge University Ryan is one of Ireland’s foremost leaders with an understanding of our food system, the challenges we face and the vital role our diet plays. 

 Ryan and his co-founders have been recognised in numerous awards and initiatives such as Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, Local Enterprise Awards, The Irish Times/AIB Start-Up Academy, Nissan Generation Next, DCU Ryan Academy’s Venture Accelerator, and Ireland’s 30 Under 30.

Roman Grogan

About Roman

Roman Grogan co-founded DropChef with Ryan Scott. He is the Chief Operating Officer and responsible for everything you enjoy about DropChef, from the freshness of your ingredients to the design of our app and website. Roman’s extreme dedication to ensuring customer happiness is infectious and means that we have a great culture of doing what it takes to make better meals and give you a best-in-class experience.