When will my food be delivered if I order today?

If you order today your delicious ingredients and recipes will be delivered on Sunday Feb 10 or Monday Feb 11. For all deliveries outside of Dublin you will receive your delivery on Tuesday Feb 12.

Where can I order for collection from the Google Hub?

Are you a subscription service?

Yes we are, each week you choose three dishes and then on Wednesday of each week we bill your account. You are free to put your account on hold at any time and to skip weeks for any reason. Just go to the My Account Subscriptions page, ‘View’ the subscription you would like to suspend and then click on Suspend Account, to reactivate just click Reactivate. Alternatively send an email to hello@dropchef.com and we can sort it all out for you hassle free.

What days do you deliver?

In Dublin we deliver on Mondays 9am-5pm, typically we are delivering to customers’ workplaces on Mondays. In Dublin we deliver to your home on Sundays. For all deliveries outside of Dublin you will receive your delivery on Tuesday.

What about bank holidays?

If you normally have a box delivered on Sunday at home, it will arrive on Monday. If you normally have a box delivered on Monday at work, it will arrive on Tuesday. If you want to change your delivery day you can contact us at hello@dropchef.com.

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes we do deliver nationwide!

Can the box sit in my office all day?

Yes, our ice packs will keep things cool and fresh for longer than 24 hours. Think of your box as a mobile fridge, but remember to place things in a real refrigerator as soon as you get home.

How long does your produce last?

We deliver on Sunday or Monday and the produce will last until the end of that work week.

How do I recycle my box?

Please keep your box, silver foil and gel packs.

For customers in the Greater Dublin Area we will try to pick it up with your next delivery. Many of our customers simply leave last week’s box out for us when we deliver to them each week.

For all other customers please save up 5 weeks of silver foil and gel packs, put them into 1 box and then email us at hello@dropchef.com to arrange a courier collection.

How can I find out more about Cook-One-Feed-One?

If you have lost track of how many meals you have helped donate, we have not. So drop us a line at hello@dropchef.com and we will be delighted to tell you how many meals have been donated because of you.

When will my account be billed?

If your account is ‘Active’ on Wednesday then your subscription will automatically renew and your account will be billed for the following week. If you do not want to place an order that week you can put your account ‘on-hold’. If you suspend your account before Wednesday your account will not be billed.

What day do I need to choose my dishes by?

In order to source the freshest ingredients for you we need to receive your dish selections by midday Friday. If your account is ‘Active’ on Thursday afternoon and you haven’t selected your dishes, then we will send you a text reminder with dishes that have been thoughtfully selected for you. ​If you would like to change these selections simply reply to the message or go to My Menu to select your dishes.

What is your return policy?

If you’re not happy with DropChef for any reason let us know and we’ll either deliver you another box or refund your money, your choice. We have a smiley face guarantee policy!

If I have a question how do I contact you?

We love hearing from you! You can contact our team via email at hello@dropchef.com or phone 01 515 8211

If I don't want to sign up to a subscription can I still try DropChef?

Yes! You can try out our Trial Box which allows you to choose three meals from this weeks menu commitment free. Get more information by following the link.

Can I purchase a Gift Subscription?

Yes. To purchase a gift subscription follow this link.

 *If you wish to sign up, please follow this link: Sign-Up
*If you have any other Questions, please do ask us on hello@dropchef.com