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About DropChef

Are you a subscription service?

Yes we are, each week you choose three dishes and then on Wednesday of each week we bill your account. You are free to put your account on hold at any time and to skip weeks for any reason. Just go to the My Account Subscriptions page, ‘View’ the subscription you would like to suspend and then click on Suspend Account. When you are ready to reactivate just click Reactivate. Alternatively submit your dish selections and your account will automatically reactivate

Are you an Irish company?

Yes, we are a local Irish business that was founded over 8 years ago by Ryan Scott and Roman Grogan. Our team has grown in recent years and with that our ability to hire great chefs, recipe developers, dietitians, customer support, fresh produce experts and delivery drivers. Because of the hard work of our dedicated team, DropChef is Ireland’s premier fresh recipe kit meal delivery service.

What do I get in my meal kit recipe box?

DropChef gives you all the ingredients you need to cook a healthy dinner from scratch. This means that you get the meat, vegetables, dry goods, sauces, herbs and anything else needed to cook the recipe you select. Inside your order, you also will receive your recipe cards that we even colour code to match the ingredients you need for that meal.

How long does your produce last?

If you receive your produce at the weekend it will last until the end of that work week.

If you receive your produce at the start of the week it will last until the end of that week.

There are best before dates on all of our meat and fish products too.

Where is the food coming from?

DropChef is extremely proud of our new state-of-the-art kitchen. Our team has been working with the same Irish craft butcher and fishmonger since we began over 8 years ago. Our vegetables and produce are bought from Irish farmers when in season and when out of season we buy from as close to the source/farmer as possible. This cuts out the middleman so that we get fresher produce faster and you see savings and produce that lasts.

What meals are healthy?

We put a great deal of effort and creativity into making sure that every meal is healthy and nutrient-dense. Our attitude is that we should take care of making sure that our menu gives you a healthy, varied and balanced diet so that you enjoy your meals and don’t get lost in the details. All of our recipes have been designed/approved by a dietitian and you can easily check out the nutritional macros when selecting your dishes. We also include them on your recipe cards. Our prepared meals are cooked from scratch just as you would expect from a high-end restaurant.

Do I need to be an experienced cook?

Not at all, so long as you can follow our recipe card you will learn as you go. If you are a more experienced cook you will really enjoy DropChef as you will feel like Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver as we have given you everything you need to go. Typically the more experienced you are the faster you will be but that may only take a couple of weeks of cooking with us to be a master chef.

Do I need a lot of kitchen utensils?

Not at all, we assume you have a very basic setup. You will only ever need an oven & hob, pots pans and knife. No food processors or equipment that takes a long time to clean up.

What is your return policy?

If you’re not happy with DropChef for any reason let us know and we’ll either deliver you another box or refund your money, your choice. We have a smiley face guarantee policy!

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions of Website Use can be found here
Our Terms & Conditions of Sale & Supply can be found here

Getting Started

When will my food be delivered if I order today?

If you order today, your delicious ingredients and recipes will be delivered on Tuesday Jun 13th, Saturday Jun 17th, Sunday Jun 18th or Monday Jun 19th. For all deliveries outside of Dublin you will receive your delivery on Tuesday Jun 13th or Monday Jun 19th.

When is the cut off for orders?

If you are a new customer who has never cooked with us before, we are grateful to have you with us and will always do our best to facilitate your order. Typically that means that so long as you select your dishes by Sunday evening we can deliver them to you. If you are ordering from Monday onwards you can select your delivery day and everything is straightforward.

Can I try DropChef before I sign up for a subscription?

Yes! You can try out our Trial Box which allows you to choose three meals from this week’s menu commitment free. Get more information by following the link.

Do you do gift cards?

You can purchase a Gift Card by clicking on Gift Card in the green menu bar at the top of the screen. The recipient will receive an eGift voucher which they can use to sign up to the subscription of their choice.

For amounts greater than 100 euro email us at [email protected].

Plans & Recipes

How does the Classic Plan work?

The Classic plan has our most extensive menu and options. It is suitable for all households and you can easily select how many people you are cooking for and how many nights during the week you will cook with us.

How does the Plant-Based Plan work?

The plant-based plan is ideal for customers who would like to enjoy a vegetarian/plant-based diet. You will have over 9 recipe kit options to choose from and also a further range of prepared meals. These dishes are carefully designed to make sure you have a good source of protein with plenty of variety. Don’t worry, these are not meat dishes without meat, we work with great plant-based recipe developers and put a great deal of thought into creating these dishes.

How does the Family Plan work?

This is a great, cost-effective option for people who are cooking for a family or those on a budget. The Small family plan is suitable for 2 adults and two children. The Hungry family plan is suitable for a larger family size where you need four adult portions.

We have 2 Family Plans to choose from – the Hungry Family Plan or the Small Family Plan. Both plans offer customers a choice between 10 dishes from our Family Menu.We recommend the Hungry Family Plan if your family consists of 2 adults and 2 children over the age of 10.

We recommend the Small Family Plan if your family consists of 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 10.

Customers will automatically be sent these dishes each week if their account is active. Customers on this plan may also select dishes from the Vegetarian Menu at no additional cost or the Classic Menu for an additional €5 per dish. For details on how to do this please email [email protected]

Can I get meals to reheat that I don’t need to cook?

Yes, these are new addition for us. With ‘Made Fresh from DropChef’ you can enjoy a range of prepared meals. These dishes only need to be reheated (in an oven or microwave). Some are even suitable to be eaten while still chilled.

Can I get lunch?

Yes, DropChef has lunch options. All of our dinners are also suitable for lunch.

Where can I find my recipe card online?

You can download your recipe from your order each week.

Go to My Account
Click on Orders
Click on the order containing the recipe you need
Click on View Recipe Card below the recipe that you want to download.

Can I get healthy snacks?

Yes, DropChef has developed our own range of healthy treats that are extremely low in sugar, and have a lot of fibre and protein.

What is the snack lab and how do I order it?

The snack lab contains a variety of healthy wholesome snacks. Specially formulated trail mixes, protein balls, energy cakes and more. Designed to be as nutrient dense as possible, to help you maintain peak performance in physical and cognitive tasks.

You can add a snack lab to your account on the My Account Add-ons page. Click on Add.

To remove the Snack Lab from your subscription go to the My Account Add-ons page. Click on Remove.


Where do you deliver to?

DropChef delivers to the whole of Ireland. This means that if you want to have healthy meals delivered to Dublin, Cork, Galway, Meath, Wicklow, Belfast, Donegal and beyond DropChef can help.

When do you deliver?

DropChef operates a fleet of delivery vehicles which means that we can deliver a very high level of service and treatment of your order. For deliveries inside Dublin, we can deliver to you from Saturday-Tuesday. For deliveries outside of Dublin, we deliver to you on Monday & Tuesday. For some deliveries outside of Dublin, we use a trusted third party but don’t worry we keep a very close eye on your order and are contactable if you have an issue.

What about bank holidays?

If you normally have a box delivered on Sunday at home, it will arrive on Monday. If you normally have a box delivered on Monday, it will arrive on Tuesday. If you normally have a box delivered on Tuesday, it will arrive on Wednesday. If you want to change your delivery day you can contact us at [email protected].

Can the box sit in my office all day?

Yes, our ice packs will keep things cool and fresh for longer than 24 hours. Think of your box as a mobile fridge, but remember to place things in a real refrigerator as soon as you get home.

How do I change my delivery day?

To change your delivery day go to My Account

Click on Delivery
Select your preferred delivery day from the dropdown box
Click on Save Changes.

How do I change my delivery address?

Go to My Account Delivery
Click on Edit
Update with your new delivery address.
Please ensure you do this before Friday to ensure we have the correct details for your weekend delivery.

Account & Subscription

How do I skip a week?

To skip one week, log into your account on the website or in the app.

Go to My Account Subscriptions
Click on Skip A Week
Click OK to confirm.

Your subscription renewal will be pushed to the following week.

If you want to skip more than one week we suggest putting your account on hold.

How do I put my subscription on hold?

To put your account on hold, log into your account on the website or in the app.

Go to My Account Subscriptions
Click the Suspend button at the bottom of the screen
Click Indefinitely
Click OK to confirm.

This will put your subscription on hold indefinitely.

Is my order automatically cancelled if I skip a week or put my account on hold?

No. Your account is renewed every week on Wednesday morning and you receive an automatic email when this happens.

If you skip a week or ask to go on hold after your account has been renewed on Wednesday morning, your next renewal date will be pushed forward by one week and your current order will not be affected.

To see if you have any active orders on your account go to My Account Orders.

If you want to cancel an order, click on it
Click the Cancel this Order button at the bottom of the screen
Click OK to confirm.

As ever, if you have any questions about this or anything else – please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

My subscription is on hold, how do I reactivate it?

To reactivate your subscription, log into your account on the website or in the app.

Go to My Account Subscriptions
Click on View to view the subscription you would like to reactivate
Click Reactivate.

Alternatively, select your dishes for that week and your account will automatically reactivate.

What day do I need to choose my dishes by?

In order to source the freshest ingredients for you we need to receive your dish selections before Friday. If your account is ‘Active’ on Thursday afternoon and you haven’t selected your dishes, then we will send you a text reminder with dishes that have been thoughtfully selected for you. ​If you would like to change these selections simply reply to the message or go to My Menu to select your dishes.

What happens if I forget to select my dishes?

If you forget to select your dishes, do not worry!

If you do not select your dishes before Friday they will be automatically selected for you.

Some people regularly let us select their dishes for them because enjoy the surprise!

My dishes were automatically selected for me. How do I change them?

​In order to source the freshest ingredients for you we need to receive your dish selections before Friday.

If you do not select your dishes before Friday they will be automatically and thoughtfully selected for you.

Some people enjoy the surprise, but if you would like to change this selection then go to the My Menu page before Friday and simply make your new selection.

Can I select my meals from the menu?

Absolutely, we have more options and a larger menu than any other fresh food meal kit delivery service. With over 20 options on our menu today and 20 new dishes next week you will always have something fresh to say hello to.

How do I change the plan I'm on?

Go to My Account Subscriptions
Click on Switch Subscription
Select your new plan
Click on Switch Subscription
Complete the payment details
Click on Switch Subscription.


Can I cancel my order?

Of course, please read our terms of service. In general, if we haven’t delivered to you we are happy to issue you a refund or credit so long as it’s not last minute and we haven’t already made or dispatched your order. We are extremely pragmatic and understanding and hope you are too. Our customer support isn’t online over the weekend so please make sure to contact us in advance. Please beware of other providers who force you to receive your order unless you have cancelled 6 days in advance.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel an order just follow the steps below.

You need to cancel before Friday each week for it to be processed in time.

Go to My Account Orders
Click on the order that you want to cancel
Click the Cancel this Order button at the bottom of the screen
Click OK to confirm.

This will cancel that order and your payment will automatically be credited to your DropChef account.

If you want to cancel a future order you can skip a week or place your account on hold.


When will my account be billed?

If your account is ‘Active’ on Wednesday then your subscription will automatically renew and your account will be billed for the following week. If you do not want to place an order that week you can put your account ‘on-hold’. If you suspend your account before Wednesday your account will not be billed.

My payment is pending, how do I complete it?

Go to My Account Orders
Click on the relevant order
Click on Pay for this order
Select the payment method. You can choose to pay with your existing card or add a new one.
Click on Pay for this order.

How do I update my payment method?

Go to My Account Payment Methods
Delete any existing payment details
Click on Add Payment Method
Select the payment method.

Packaging & Recycle

How is my order packed?

Each recipe kit is carefully packed by our experienced team in order to make sure all of the ingredients arrive fresh and in perfect condition. Our specially designed packaging keeps every chilled and is made up of a range of the most sustainable, compostable, recyclable & returnable materials.

How do I recycle my box?

Please keep your box, silver foil and gel packs.

For customers in the Greater Dublin Area we will try to pick it up with your next delivery. Many of our customers simply leave last week’s box out for us when we deliver to them each week.

For all other customers please save up 5 weeks of silver foil and gel packs, put them into 1 box and then email us at [email protected] to arrange a courier collection.

Alternatively, you can dispose of it with your household waste. Please check the information which you receive from your local bin collection company to confirm, but generally you can put the cardboard box and brown bags in your green bin.

You can cut open your ice packs and pour the water solution down your sink, it is non toxic. Then depending on your area you can put the ice pack bags and silver foil either in your green or black bin.

Contact Us

If I have a question how do I contact you?

We are happy to help. Our local team is contactable Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Irish Standard Time) by phone and email. If you are having trouble getting through drop us an email at the below address, and the whole team will man email support at peak times. We will always get back to you and resolve any problems you may have. Our support email address is [email protected] and our phone number is (01) 515 8211