Seasonal Summer Salad Ideas

Seasonal Summer Salad Ideas Cover

Summer and salads. Quite a duo. You see sunshine, you think of the pestering words “bikini bod” and suddenly you feel like you need to be eating lettuce and tomatoes. Great.
Well – that’s what I used to think. But replace lettuce and tomatoes with hearty crispy kale, beefsteak tomatoes, plum beetroot, grilled portobello mushrooms and bloody oranges. Now it’s more of a feast. The healthiest feast.

But summer is over. You might think the above doesn’t matter to you anymore – days are getting shorter, leaves are starting to fall and the wind is getting colder by the minute. But trust me – before you go into a comforting food hibernation you have to make use of the fruit and veg that will not be in season in a few weeks. Create some of your last most exciting and scrumptious summer salads while you can.

Outdoor Vegetables

Using in-season products is the healthiest and kindest type of cooking for the environment and for your body. You can mix and match them to create a colourful, bright and mouth watering summer salad. You might be thinking how am I supposed to know what is in season, or what vegetable and fruit complement each other to creating this blazing succulent salad? Well do not fear as DropChef has the ingredients and recipes ready to go and to be sent to your door step today.


Healthy eating. Everyone has different beliefs on what is the best diet – paleo, 5/2 diet, dukan, plant diet and I could go on and on. Across all these diets vegetables and fruit always feature as the most nutritious ingredients you can eat. But most people think of them as boring. I want to help you believe that they are the furthest away from boring. Imagine these with some protein and picture a zesty, juicy, thick fillet of salmon with a hint of chilli lying on a bed of greens and fresh red onion, coriander and mango salsa. This juicy and delicious meal is only one summer salad idea and trust me – it does not taste boring. DropChef can deliver these in-season products to your door, along with many other secret summer salad recipes.

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