How to Turn your leftover Fruit & Vegetables into Super Juices

How to Turn your leftover Fruit & Vegetables into Super Juices Cover

As you might remember from our previous blog post, we were talking about the importance of using seasonal produce and what a shame it was if we didn’t!

Sometimes we can go a little overboard and purchase a bit too much fruit and vegetables at the same time leaving us with quite a bit of leftovers. But instead of throwing those leftover fruit and vegetables away, I got creative with the blender and came up with some wonderful surprises.

Sure – some of my juice creations were a bit unusual but they were exploding with different flavours. It is important to experiment and use different fruit and vegetables together. Raymond O’Hara from Green Beards Juicery tells me how important it is to

“try and Drink the Rainbow so add things with different colours for different nutrients”

He also mentions how useful juicing is as you a large amount of raw vegetables fast, at the same time. This week I had a bit too much fennel, spinach and a some other green vegetables leftover. So I got creative again, kept them refrigerated and popped them all into my blender one evening (I added some apples that were going a bit too soft, some ginger, celery and lime). I basically drank my whole blend the next morning and I thought “When have I ever consumed that many vegetables in one go?” I felt amazing!


Raymond from Green Beards also pointed out the fact that Super Juices allow us to consume a variety of vegetables we normally wouldn’t eat raw such as chard, beetroot and kale.

Creating juices with your leftovers will give you a completely different experience than when you were eating them the night before!

But what if you’re not in the mood for a juice tomorrow? You had a healthy day today and you want fluffy blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup for! Well don’t worry, make it anyway and pop it into your fridge – it lasts up to three full days. And Green Beards expert gave me the advice of

“making a juice which is high in ginger or turmeric or both and some citrus it will keep better. Also, adding probiotics to juices can increase shelf life by a couple of days.”

I’ve mentioned green vegetables a lot, and I know that they don’t always appeal to everyone. So don’t let that hold you back from juicing, there are hundreds of options and with a little trial and error you’ll find your favourite juice or smoothie flavour combination.

The Wild Orchard tells me that most of their customers go for smoothies with passion fruit or mango. “Probably for their great taste and vibrant colours” – they create an aesthetic pleasure. But I – unfortunately – wouldn’t have too many leftovers of these wonderful fruits lying around. But bananas… That I have. A lot. And guess what? The Wild Orchard also said they are “the best fruit for smoothies creating substance and natural energy” (and so much flavour!)

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to do with leftover fruit & vegetables and we end up throwing them out. What a bad habit! But now that we’ve shared some simple tips on juicing, you can start turning those leftovers into super juices that leave you feeling amazing! Oh and save you some money too!

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