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Nowadays, you can almost assume that there is a supplement version of every vitamin, mineral, probiotic, prebiotic – I could go on – and each one claiming health benefits. The value of the global dietary supplement industry is expected to rise by 14% between now and 2024. That equates to billions of US dollars!

In general, there is a clinical need for only a few supplements. These include vitamin D, calcium, iron and vitamin B12. The table below lists some of the best food sources of these nutrients. Moreover, I have recommended a Drop Chef dish that is a source of each of these nutrients. Drop Chef are passionate about sourcing local and in-season produce that is bursting with vitamins, minerals and great taste.

Including a variety of fruit and vegetables in the diet is important for good health. eating guidelines for Ireland suggest that we eat 5-7 portions of fruit and vegetables every day. I am an advocator of eating fruit and vegetables that are seasonal. However, it is important to praise that advances in growing, processing, shipment and preserving techniques that mean it is possible to get your hands on most fruit and vegetables all year round. Remember: Lots of variety = Lots of colour = Lots of nutrients.

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Amy Meegan, BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, UCD

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