Countdown to Christmas


Not long now! The countdown to the Christmas party is on! Time to wow the co-workers and show them that what you’re all about!


In preparation for the magic and sparkles of Christmas it can be nice to commit to good, honest eating ahead of the silly-season. You’ll not lose 3 stone in 3 weeks but you’ll feel better about yourself and that is what really matters.


Breakfast is made up of two words – break and fast. This comes from the fact that you literally are breaking a fast. In relation to breakfast cereals, I do not condone a bowl of sugary flakes. Lately I am a big fan of smoothie bowls, chia or overnight oats – natural foods with no added sugar. When I’m working, I need something quick without skimping on nutritional quality. Rye crackers with Sowan’s Almond Butter with Chia Seeds and a banana has been my go-to brekkie lately – quick, nutritious and tasty.

Mid-Morning Snack Attack

The gap from breakfast to lunch can be long. I like to have some healthy snacks nearby such as plain rice or corn cakes, unsalted nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Snacking, despite common misconceptions, can help with healthy eating practices. A snack between breakfast and lunch can help keep blood sugar levels stable, preventing overeating when lunch time eventually comes around.


Salads or soups are my top two choices for lunch. My favourite lunch box meal is Smoked Salmon & Quinoa Salad from Drop Chef. This perfect combination of salty and citrus works well as leftovers from dinner the night before.

When it comes to soup, I am a big fan of broths and Ramen. Drop Chef provide the ingredients and recipe for a very satisfying and warming Miso Broth with Rice Noodles. I like to add a pinch of chilli or a drizzle of hot sauce for some extra heat, which science suggests may help to temporarily speed up the metabolism.


For many people, myself included, dinner is often the main meal of the day and it is vitally important that this is balanced. To help achieve this so-called “balance” I like to imagine the “Portion Plate” – draw imaginary lines and split your plate into quarters. A half should represent your veggies, one quarter protein and one quarter carbs.

As well as providing the ingredients and recipes, Drop Chef create the balance in every one of their meals with lots of variety throughout the days and months. One of my all-time favourites is the fillet of citrusy, honey-mustard sea bass on a bed of puy lentils and spinach – heart-healthy, balanced and delicious.

For more meal inspiration and ideas in the run-up to Christmas follow The Baking Nutritionist on Facebook and Instagram.

Amy Meegan, BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, UCD

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