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New Year Check-In

  New Year New Me: Reviewing the Resolutions February – Have you kept up your New Year’s resolution? Did you know? January was the longest month EVER – Said everyone across the country A survey carried out at the end of 2017 among 1,170 adults showed that the most common New Year’s resolution is to “eat better”. Regardless of New… Read more →


Pancake Party

  Pancake Party It is definitely one of my favourite times of the year – Pancake Tuesday! Whether you’ve a sweet tooth like myself or prefer the savoury style, there is something for everyone on Pancake Tuesday! Did you know? Pancake Tuesday, also known as Shrove Tuesday, always falls 47 days before Easter. The date may move around but it… Read more →



  Hydration Grand Slam Saturday and Paddy’s Day all in one. Who celebrated? Who’s still suffering the hangover? One of the main ways alcohol causes a hangover is through dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Alcohol is a diuretic meaning it prevents the kidneys from holding on to water, thus encouraging multiple trips to the loo. Sweating and vomiting, commonly associated with… Read more →


Winter Blues

  Winter Blues Christmas is now all but a distant memory as we’re all back at work, school and college. The anti-climax following Christmas can leave many people feeling deflated. “Winter Blues” is a phenomenon characterised by a feeling of depression or deep unhappiness associated with experiencing the cold and darkness of winter and affects approximately 20% of the Irish… Read more →


Exam Survival Guide

Exam Survival Guide Sleepless nights, copious amounts of coffee, jelly sweets and maybe some more coffee – you guessed it, its exam time. Whether in school or in college, the importance of good food at exam time is crucial and can help improve alertness, increase stamina and keep you healthy for that celebratory night out at the end! Add the… Read more →

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