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Exam Survival Guide

Exam Survival Guide Sleepless nights, copious amounts of coffee, jelly sweets and maybe some more coffee – you guessed it, its exam time. Whether in school or in college, the importance of good food at exam time is crucial and can help improve alertness, increase stamina and keep you healthy for that celebratory night out at the end! Add the… Read more →


Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas Not long now! The countdown to the Christmas party is on! Time to wow the co-workers and show them that what you’re all about! In preparation for the magic and sparkles of Christmas it can be nice to commit to good, honest eating ahead of the silly-season. You’ll not lose 3 stone in 3 weeks but you’ll… Read more →


Seasonal Winter Veggies

Seasonal Winter Veggies It’s here. Winter is here. For all the skeptics out there who moan about winter – stop being so skeptical! Winter is a wonderful time of some delicious seasonal vegetables, which often take pride of place on our Christmas dinner table. Have you had a look at the mouth-watering Drop Chef Christmas menu yet? It is Christmas… Read more →

To Immunity and Beyond

To Immunity and Beyond It’s that time of year again – the dreaded cold and flu season. Every winter we are advised to take a multi-vitamin, get the flu-jab and stay away from infected friends and relatives. But did you know that many of the foods we cook with every day possess immune-boosting properties? Garlic The starting point of many… Read more →

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