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Fresh ingredients and delicious recipes less expensive than the supermarket delivered to your door. Try out a one-week delivery option that includes ingredients for three meals per personYou've seen what we have to say. Now see what we do.

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Norman Tenise Verified Buyer

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Free deliveries to all of Dublin

Trial Box One Person

Price Per Meal: €7.95


What is the Trial Box?

  • What meals do I choose from?
    You get to choose any three meals from
  • What if I am Vegetarian?
    [email protected] for all vegetarian options
  • Where and when will my food be delivered?
    It will be delivered to your home or office on Sunday or Monday
  • How does the trial box work?
    The Trial Box allows you to try out DropChef for one week at a discount, by selecting from the menu and receiving your dishes without signing up to a subscription. Only one trial box per household.

  • Do the contents of the box have to be refrigerated immediately?
    No, the boxes are temperature controlled and have ice packs that will keep food fresh for up to 24 hours
  • Will I need to cancel my account?
    No, this is strictly for a one-time delivery
  • Where can I find information about the normal subscription plan?
    Click here to learn more
  • I get a blank page when I click the trial box link
  • Click here and make sure you have the correct trial box in your cart and then proceed to the checkout.
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Free deliveries to all of Dublin

Trial Box For Two People

Price Per Meal: €7.95


Free deliveries to all of Dublin

Family Trial Box

Price Per Meal: €7.95


One Person

Two People


Try it Out!Try it Out!